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Arichonan lies to the west of Glasgow, south of the Crinan Canal, in Mid Argyll

This book highlights one violent summer in one Argyll village. In doing so, it reveals the forces that ensured the death of the West Highland way of life.

In 1848, the landowner terminated the leases of four tenant farmers in Arichonan. To the surprise and fear of Argyll law enforcement, the people in this hilltop village did not peacefully leave their homes: they mobbed and they rioted. Moreover, they were joined by 100 to 200 people from the surrounding area, who harassed the police officers trying to enforce the "Summons of Removing."

A handwritten record of the subsequent legal process lies in the National Archives of Scotland. This book includes a complete transcription of those papers from earliest evidence to final sentences. Every person mentioned is listed alphabetically at the end of the book. This list has also been reproduced here on this site.

Part Two compiles indexes of Arichonan's landowners from 1643, while " people who lived there" is the focus of Part Three. Parish and census records; a 1798 Estate Inventory of buildings and people ; interesting wills; a list of Parish ministers - all have been organized and combined in one book to shape a complete picture of 1848 Arichonan.

Serious historians and genealogists interested in Argyll will enjoy this book.

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