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Donald Campbell married Ann MacEwan in 1822, in the Parish of North Knapdale, Argyll.

The following children were born to them while they lived in Keills, on the Sound of Jura:

1822: Sarah. She went to Canada with the rest of the family. Sometime between the 1861 and 1871 Ontario Census', she married Donald McLean. For their household, see the Census of 1871, Elgin County, Ontario, District No 5, Subdistrict A, Township of Aldborough, Household #162, Line 38, page 50. In 1881, she can be found in District 164, Subdistrict A, Division 2, Elgin West, Family #285, Page 61. She was a stepmother to Donald McLean's two boys: Archibald (b. 1853), who became a Reverend; and Donald (b 1858).

1824: John. Married Effie MacIntyre, had 9 children and farmed in Crinan Ontario. In 1871, This family comprises Household #162, Line 38, Page 50 of the West Elgin District No 5, Subdistrict A, Aldborough, District 2. In 1881, look in District No 164, Subdistrict A, Div 2, Elgin West, Aldborough, Family #290, Page 62. He died in 1902 and is buried with his wife in the Crinan Cemetery.

1826: Duncan. He never married, and worked as a partner with his brother Archie on a farm in Austin, Manitoba.

1830: Ann (Hannah) She went to Canada with the rest of the family and married John McKillop sometime between the 1871 and 1881 Ontario Census'. Two older sons of John McKillop ("McGilp" in Scotland), John and Archibald, were born in 1864 and 1866 respectively. Betsy was born in 1871 and Donald, in 1873. In the Census of 1881, Hannah can be found in District 164, Subdistrict C, Division 2, Southwold, Ontario, Family 121, page 27. According to Shirley Wilson of Ontario (who knows EVERYTHING about the McGilps), the Campbells came over from Scotland with the McKillops. Hannah died in 1901 & is buried in the McIntyre Cemetery, Southwold Tsp, Elgin County, with her husband John, and his son A. J. McKillop.

After this, Donald and Ann moved over the ridge from Keills, to another farm, "Old Ulva", where they had 3 more children:

1832: Margret. May not have left Scotland.

1837: Archibald. Married Isabel Campbell, had 7 children, and farmed (with his brother Duncan) near Austin, Manitoba.

1840: Colin. Married Ann MacMurchy, in Wardsville, Ontario, where they had 3 children. After Colin died, Ann moved to Sinclair, Manitoba, where her brother Archie MacMurchy, was farming. Colin's children grew up in Manitoba.

1843: Donald There is only one appearance of this boy: in the 1861 Census, when he was 18 years old. There is no evidence of his being christened in Scotland, although all the older children had been taken to the Church of Scotland and been baptized. In 1841, the "Great Disruption" reached North Knapdale, and when people went over to the Free Church, they stopped baptized their children at the Parish Church of Scotland. I tend to think that this is the explanation for this fellow's non-appearance.

After they left Scotland, about 1853, Donald Campbell and Ann MacEwan settled in Ontario ("A" Concession, Lot "Y", Elgin County, Aldborough Township). They farmed a total of 100 acres, of which 50 were under cultivation by 1861. An outline of their considerable possessions that year can be seen in the Agricultural Census of Elgin County, page 34, line #27.
Hector Lang was the natural son of Mary MacNeill and 'Red Ling' and was born in Killean Parish in 1808. He married Isobell Galbreath in 1834, at a farm called "Ballimore", in the Parish of South Knapdale, Inverneil Estate. For photos of Ballimore today, go to Grandpa's Story about Argyll. The Langs left Argyll for Upper Canada in 1853. Aside from Christian, Malcolm and Sarah, all of their children are buried in McColl Cemetery, Ontario, as are Hector and Bell (See Headstone No. 16)

While at Ballimore, Hector and Bell had 2 children:

1835: Christian. After her grandmother Mary MacNeil died (summer 1853), she went to Michigan, where she married Edward(or Edgar) Minkler, a conductor on the (?)Michigan Central Railway. She had 3 children: Minnie (m Charles Allen); Charles (who died at age 28); and Malcolm. Christine died 26 Mar 1920, and - with her husband and her son Charles - was buried (under the name Katherine Minkler) in Woodland Cemetery, Jackson County, Michigan. Her son Malcolm (died 1947), went South with his cousin, Malcolm Paterson - and is buried in Shubuta, Mississippi. See Paterson Story elsewhere on this Site.

1837: Malcolm. Like the remainder of the Lang children, Malcolm went to Canada with their parents in Spring, 1853. He was drowned in Lake Superior in 1858.

The rest of the children were born when Hector and Bell lived as cottars in a village called 'Bailie Boidheach',Ormsary Estate, on the east side of Loch Caolisport.(Contemporary Ormsary Estate rents cabins to tourists!)

1839: Mary. She had married Robert Mowbray in Eagle, Ontario, by the time of the 1861 Census, and she died aged 35. See No. 21 for her Headstone, and Numbers 18 and 22, for those of 3 of her children in McColl Cemetery. Her son Malcolm Mowbray, went to the Klondike Gold Rush, Yukon, in the summer of 1898, where he died that fall.

1841: Daniel. He married Ann Jane Graham, and lived in Eagle, Ontario, as well as Timiskaming and St. Thomas. They had 13 children, 9 of whom reached adulthood. For a description of their Headstone in McColl Cemetery, See No. 16.

1844. Flora. In Canada, Flora married Daniel Paterson, a carpenter. They lived around Rodney and New Glasgow, Ontario. Her son Malcolm, and daughter Jessie (Futvoye) went South to the hardwood forests of Mississippi, where they worked in the lumber business.(See the Paterson Story elsewhere on this Site). Malcolm is buried in Shubuta Cemetery with his wife, and with his cousin, Malcolm Minkler. Flora and her husband, and 2 children are buried in McColl Cemetery, Headstone No. 23.

1846. Isabella. She married Malcolm Leitch and with him farmed at Eagle, across the road from her brother, Daniel Lang. She had no family. The Headstone of Isabella and her husband is in McColl Cemetery, No. 27.

1848. Sarah. This child died as an infant in Scotland, before 1851.