Elder Dougald Campbell of North Knapdale, Argyll, immigrated to Canada in 1818, settled on the Talbot Road, Aldborough Township and commenced preaching the gospel. The Lord blessed his labours and opened the hearts of many to receive the truth, and members were added to the Church. When he organized the Covenanted Baptist Church of Ontario, he was assisted in his labour in the gospel by Duncan McCallum, Duncan Lamond, Neil McDonald and Thomas McColl.

When Elder Campbell's health began to fail, Neil McDonald was ordained Elder to assist him in the pastoral office.

On the 6th of November, 1852, Thomas McColl was ordained Elder. When Elder Campbell's health became so impaired that he could not attend the meetings, Elder Thomas McColl was called to the pastoral care of the Church.

The Church at this time consisted of five branches: Aldborough, Dunwich, Lobo, Ehfrid and Duart. This Church holds what they call "quarterly meeting", which begins on Saturday morning, and there are two services on Saturday, two on Sunday, and one on Monday.

Elder McColl continued as pastor until he became so feeble that he could not serve the Churches and he resigned his charge - with the unanimous consent of the Church - to Elder Pollard. Elder McColl died Oct 17, 1870.

Elder Pollard was assisted, for a while, by Elder William L. Beebe. He continued as pastor until his death in (?), when Elder W. I. Cornell of Lebanon, Ohio, was called as pastor. For sometime, Elder Cornell was assisted in his ministry by Elder H. M. Curry of Kentucky.

In 1915, Elder John Slawson was called as pastor. After he died (November 26, 1925), Elder George Ruston was called by the Church as Pastor in August 1929.

(Typed manuscript, undated)

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