My father, Hector Lang, tells me a story about a cousin of the Langs, James Mowbrey...

In the late 1930's, Mowbrey, an expert on sugar beets (he had had a farm in Chatham, Ontario), was asked to go to Britain to find areas that would be suitable for this crop.

When Jim went to Scotland, he and his host (a Scot) looked over a valley, empty except for a huddle of ruined stone huts. The Scot became thoughtful, and told Jim Mowbrey, that his relation, the Duke of Argyll, had sent those people away to Canada, and had always said that it was all for the best that he had done so.

Suddenly, Jim understood what his own grandfather had meant, when, at every meal, at the end of the grace, he would intone:

"And God Bless everyone at this table, and God Damn the Duke of Argyll!"

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