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All of Knapdale parish, before it was split into North and South in 1734, was known as KIL-VICO-CHARMAIG. Its mother church lies on an island now known as "Eilean Mor", which can be seen from the point of Knap, near Ballimore.

Celtic Beehive Cell

"Cille", or"Kil", or even "Keill": "cell", or holy place ,where the Celtic monks lived and worshipped in their beehive-shaped stone houses.

"Vico": term meaning 'generated by', 'son of', or 'belonging to'.

"Charmaig": a name also spelled "Cormac" or "Cormack." St. Charmaig was a Celtic Saint who died in 664 AD. He is buried on Eilean Mor.