Two of Flora Lang's Children Go South:

Two new families arrived in Noxubee County, Mississippi, in the years 1913-14. This was to be a business partnership in the name of Futvoye-Paterson Lumber Company.

Land for a mill was purchased and the deed for this property recorded on August 1, 1914, at the Noxubee County Courthouse in Macon. The location of said land lay south of Shuqualak, about one mile, running adjacent to the Gulf-Mobile and Ohio Railroad.

Mr. Paterson and family were first to move to Shuqualak so that he might oversee the building of a mill on this new site and also to become acquainted with the area of fine timberland thus acquired.

Mr. Futvoye and family arrived in Shuqualak in the fall of 1914 when Mr. Futvoye took over the business management of the double partnership.

When the Futvoyes arrived, a large crowd of townspeople were there, meeting the train. But the Futvoyes soon learned that it was not to welcome them, but rather to get a sight of the bloodhounds arriving in the baggage car being brought to Shuqualak to try and apprehend the robbers that had visited the town the night before.

The new families found an atmosphere of friendliness and welcome in the town. Both were able to rent houses until they could build.

The Shuqualak Baptist, Methodist and Presbyterian churches were very active at the time. The schoolhouse was a large two story frame building which provided only 10 grades at that time. Mayor Yaretzky was the town official. A printing machine in a small office back of the Hamilton Hotel printed the town newspaper called "The Shuqualak New Era".

These kids were all cousins, in about 1881, in St Thomas, when they were in town taking the Grade 8 Examination. Clockwise: Ann Lang, John Mowbrey, Hector Lang and Malcolm Paterson.

The photo on the left is one of Malcolm Paterson as an adult.

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Malcolm Paterson was the son of Flora Lang, and the grandson of Hector Lang and Bell Galbraith of Argyll. To look at the genealogy list,
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