William Craig, 1872

William Craig was born either in Edinburgh or Aberdeen. He emigrated to Canada in 1834, when he was 24 and unmarried. He settled first in Sorel, Quebec, and then opened one of the first general stores in Bytown (Ottawa). In 1837, William expanded as a lumber and supply merchant at Sandpoint, then moved across the river to Bristol, Quebec. He included farming in his itinerary, and owned about 3000 acres of arable land. He had a race course, and owned race horses. He is buried in Bristol, Quebec.

Janet McClymont MacJanet married William Craig in 1837. Her father (Thomas MacJanet from Belawearie, Fifeshire) was one of the five original settlers in Bristol, as he immigrated to Canada in 1829. Her sister Mary had married Daniel Cowley (the Cowleys are mentioned in William Craig's will.)

Margaret Campbell Lang, who established these biographical facts, noted that it was rumoured that William Craig had a brother who was in the Black Hole of Calcutta, during the Indian Mutiny.

William and Janet Craig had 12 children, all born in Bristol:

Jane Wallace Craig, born 1838, married John Young
Jessie Craig, born 1839, married James McFarlane
Nancy Elizabeth Craig, born 1841, died in infancy
Martha Craig, born 1843, married Matthew McFarlane
Elizabeth Gordon Craig, born 1845, married Alec Tait
Isabella Craig, born 1847, married Harper Lothian
William Craig, born 1849, died an infant in 1851
Thomas Craig, born 1851, married Margaret McFarlane
William Craig, born 1853, married Margaret Laird
David James Craig, born 1855, married Nerissa May Workman
John Robert Craig, born 1857, married Alice Rushton
Mary Craig, married Daniel McCredie
(James, Matthew and Margaret McFarlane were siblings.)
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