The testator gives bequeaths and devises unto his son, WILLIAM CRAIG, the sum of eight thousand dollars currency, to be paid him as soon as possible after the testator’s decease, by the executors hereinafter named. Which said sum of eight thousand dollars is to be invested in the store business, as hereafter stated, with his brother, THOMAS.

The testator gives bequeaths and devises unto his son, JOHN ROBERT, minor, the sum of eight thousand dollars to be paid him when he is of the full age of twenty one years, or later, if it appears more advantageous to the executors, but in that event, the interest produced from the time he is of age will belong to him. If JOHN ROBERT wishes a college of classical education, he may have it, but it will and it is to be paid out of the sum here above bequeathed and devised to him.

The above legacy to THOMAS and WILLIAM CRAIG is thus made at the charge and obligation by the said THOMAS and WILLIAM CRAIG to pay or cause to be paid every year the sum of seven hundred dollars to their mother, wife of the said testator, for her lifetime.

And the above legacy to DAVID JAMES CRAIG is made at the charge by him to support, feed and clothe ANTOINE BILODEAU, servant attached to the house of the testator since number of years, from the time he will take possession and enjoyment of the legacy made to him herein above to the death of the said ANTOINE BILODEAU.

And the above legacies of MISTRESS JANET MCCLYMONT MCJANNET, wife of the testator, are made at the charge by her to feed, clothe and support the said ANTOINE BILODEAU, during her life.

And the above legacy to the son THOMAS is further made at the charge by him to take in partnership his brother WILLIAM, by him investing in the business the eight thousand dollars bequeathed to him by virtue hereof.

And as to the balance or rest of things and moneys that may be left after the above legacies are paid, the testator gives and devises the same his four sons THOMAS, DAVID JAMES, WILLIAM and JOHN ROBERT to be provided between themselves by share and share alike; as also if it happens that the assets would not prove sufficient to pay and meet the lawful demands, the loss is to be supported by the said four sons above named by share alike.

And for the execution hereof the said testator do appoint the said MRS CRAIG, his beloved wife, and his sons, THOMAS and WILLIAM, executors to whom all necessary power and authority is given to draw and collect all the moneys and sum of moneys due either by account, note obligation, verbal or written contract or agreement or otherwise, and on receipt thereof to give full and proper discharge to the parties so paying, as also power and authority to pay all lawful debts and legacies.

....all and every the last wills he may have made before this one.

Thus the testator dictated his last will to the said notary who read the same unto the said testator in the presence of the two above named witnesses and the testator, in their presence, declared that he was satisfied with this his last Will and Testament.

Done and passed at the residence of the testator at Bristol afresaid, on the day, month and year first above written, under the number two hundred and ninety four of the Repertory of the undersigned Notary.

In testimony whereof the testator and the witnesses have signed in the presence of each other and of the undersigned Notary, these presents having been duly read as aforesaid


A true copy from the original or minute thereof remaining of record in the undersigned Notary’s office/ three words obliterated are null and void

DAVID COWLEY of the Township of Napeen in the County of Carleton being duly sworn deposed and saith that WILLIAM CRAIG the Testator named in the foregoing last will, departed this life on or about the twenty second day of June, one thousand eight hundred and seventy four and ... hath signed,
Sworn before me at ... the Eleventh day of July 1874...

I certify that the entire Will was duly registered in the Registry office for the County of Pontiac on the thirteenth day of July one thousand eight hundred and seventy four at nine oclock in the fore noon
(signed) W MINER (?), Registrar

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