NO. 294
18 MARCH 1874



On the eighteenth day of March, in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and seventy four

Before me the undersigned Notary Public duly admitted and sworn in and for the Province of Quebec, residing at Calumet Island in the District of Ottawa and in the actual presence of JOSEPH CAMPBELL, esquire, physician, and JOHN H MCGUIRE, tanner, both of Bristol, witnesses required for the purposes hereof;

Came and appeared WILLIAM CRAIG, esquire, merchant of the township of Bristol;

Who being sick in body but sound of mind, memory and understanding as it appeared to us said Notary and witnesses has dictated to us said Notary this, his last Will and Testament:

The said testator recommends his soul to the Almighty God.

The said testator ordains that all his lawful debts be paid as soon as possible after his death by his executor hereinafter named;

The said testator gives, bequeaths and devises unto his beloved wife, JANET MCCLYMONT MCJANET,

the tracts of land known and distinguished as the lots number four and five, with broken fronts, of the first concession of this township of Bristol; save and except the following reservations out of the said lot number four, say
1 The north west corner of said lot number four to the extent of thirty acres of land in superficies;
2 The village lots already sold;
3 The whole block C of the village of Inkerman out of said lot number four, according to a plan made and executed by L. S. Brabazon, land surveyor, and
4 The village lots number one and two of block B of the said projected village of Inkerman also according to the said plan.

To hold and enjoy the same to his said beloved wife JANNET MCLYMONT MCJANNET during her lifetime only, and the possession of the same at the time of the testatorís decease, the property of which is bequeathed and devised unto DAVID JAMES CRAIG, son of the testator, for him to enter upon and take possession of the same property after the decease of his mother.

The testator further bequeaths to his son, DAVID JAMES,a certain tract of land of about four acres in supervicies taken out of lot five (west part of it) in the second concession of Bristol, and purchased from Thomas, McJanet.

The said testator gives, bequeaths and devises unto his said beloved wife herein above named, all his household furnitures, farming instruments and moveable belonging or appurtaining to the house or farm; to have, hold, use and enjoy the same to his said wife for ever, from the time of the decease of the testator.

The said testator gives and devises unto his son THOMAS CRAIG
1. all and every the lands and village lots herein above reserved and except of said lot number fourt (save nevertheless the village lots already sold) with the buildings thereon erected;
2. The goods and merchandises of his store to the amount of five thousand dollars, to be completed with cash, if at the time of the testatorís decease, the stock does not amount to five thousand dollars.

The testator gives and bequeaths to each of his six daughters, that is to say:

to JANE WALLACE CRAIG, wife of JOHN YOUNG of Bristol
JESSIE CRAIG, wife of JAMES MCFARLANE, farmer of Clarendon;
MARY ELIZABETH CRAIG, wife of DANIEL MCCREDIE, carpenter of the state of New York;
MARTHA CRAIG, wife of MATHEW MCFARLANE, merchant of Portage du Fort;
ELIZABETH GORDON CRAIG, wife of Alexander H Tait, merchant of Carleton place; and
MISS ISABELLA HANNAH CRAIG of Bristol aforesaid;

the sum of two hundred dollars currency to be paid them by his testamentary executors within one year after the decease of the said Mistress Craig, their mother.

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