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Facts about the Monkman Pass Highway Project, First Part

Since the opening up of the Peace River Country progress has gone steadily forward, retarded only by the lack of adequate transportation. Population was near the hundred thousand mark at the last census. There have been shipped out of the Peace River Country in a single year, 20 million bushels of grain, besides sufficient seed and feed requirements. There have been shipped out on a single shipment, 130 cars of livestock.

The bulk of these shipments eventually leave Canada through western Canadian ports. All of these products have to travel to the port of Vancouver or Prince Rupert via Edmonton, and three quarters of wholesale imports come from Vancouver.

Realizing all these facts, the people of the Peace River have been urging the Monkman Pass project for the last decade. Four years ago, a petition was circulated and largely signed. One year ago, the residents of this area formed themselves into the Monkman Pass Highway Association to definitely urge the construction of a motor highway connecting the Peace River with southern British Columbia.

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