Facts about the Monkman Pass Highway Project, Fifth Part


1. The real appeal of the Monkman Pass Highway should after all be neither local nor provincial but national. What highway expenditure could be more justified than on a direct, easily completed, trans-Canada route? It is a route that passes through more continuously settled and productive territory than any other feasible route. Its directness, low altitude and easy gradients make possible the development of one of the most commercial routes both from East to West and from North to South. It connects sections of the country at present isolated and does not parallel any existing thoroughfare.

To the motorist, it would provide what is all too rare in Canada - a real tourist circuit - one not duplicated anywhere in Canada, either in extent or in scenic possibilities.

2. According to the B. N. A. Act, canals and bridges lying between two provinces are subjects of Dominion control. If not literally, surely according to the intent of the Act this is a federal responsibility.

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