Facts about the Monkman Pass Highway Project, Second Part


1. This is an association of Peace River citizens whose objective is the securing of an outlet by this route.

2. Organized at Halcourt in the fall of 1936, it has continuously proceeded with its work of acquiring all possible information relative to this route, publishing this information and pressing for consideration of the rights and needs of the Peace in the matter of an outlet.

MPHA Radio Poster

It has a central executive and local organization in practically every district of the Peace River Territory. Cooperative association have also been formed in the B. C. formed in the B. C. portion of the Peace River and also at Prince George.

Practically all residents of this entire area are whole-heartedly behind it and supporting it, as is evidenced by the generous contributions from every quarter. Almost without exception every board of trade and municipal body have endorsed it, many with financial assistance. Everywhere town and rural organizations are raising funds by every means possible in the interests of this project.

3. It has undertaken the construction of a wagon trail from Rio Grande to Hansard by voluntary contributions of labor, supplies and cash. Due to the efforts of this association, a passable trail has been made from Rio Grande in Alberta to Stony Lake in British Columbia, a distance of 60 miles.

The first motor-driven vehicle reached the shores of Stony Lake, September 19, 1937. A trail-blazine party made the trip through to Prince George early in August, blazing the route as they went, and clearing a pack trail, proving the feasibility of this as a highway route.

The party encountered no engineering difficulties in the whole way.

4. We have without question united Peace River Country behind this demand. Its citizens feel that they must have this short route to the coast and are determined not to rest until unfulfilled promises have been made good.

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